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NO-SPIN Differential

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  • release date:2015/09/01
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NoSPIN transmit torque and power by 100 percent to make use to maximize traction on wheels. It will be designed to keep the wheels in constant driving state, of course, automatically "unlock" the state can allow the necessary inter-wheel differential.

NOSPIN differential is maintenance-free and does not require special lubricant or regulation.

Traditional differential in coefficient of friction ranging roads on both sides of the wheel allow only achieve a low friction coefficient road torque can be generated (ie: low coefficient of friction of the tire rolling radius X X Forward load), if the engine coming torque is too large, low coefficient of friction tire slippage will occur, resulting in tire wear, loss of propulsion of the vehicle. The jaw differentials can compensate for this lack of ordinary differential, when the NO-SPIN clutch and cross-axis combination, both sides of the axle is like to be locked together. Then if one side of the wheel into a slippery road surface or suspended, the other side of the wheel can continue to propel the vehicle, slipping does not occur. Use NOSPIN differential can be ignored ground adhesion problems.

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